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Auslogics File Recovery is a professional application designed to recover documents, music, photos, software and other files in a quick and easy way. The program uses advanced file recovery techniques that make it possible to recover files damaged by viruses and spyware, undelete files located on damaged or deleted partitions, and even restore files after a quick drive format. The program supports most digital cameras, camcorders and memory cards and guarantees the best possible results.

Auslogics File Recovery allows you to search for deleted files in a simple and intuitive way, as it supports search by file name and filtering. You can easily preview search results and recover exactly what you need, be it documents, photos, music or videos.

Auslogics File Recovery is one of the most reliable recovery products on the market today. Auslogics File Recovery can not only undelete your files, but also help you to recover your computer in case it experiences Windows failure. The program is supplied with a feature that allows you to create disk images, which means that you will never need a separate backup and disaster recovery solution.

Recover Deleted Files
Often we delete files and clean the basket , and then restore those files conventional means Windows is not possible. In addition, there is always the risk of losing important information due to the actions of a virus or incorrect operation of a program . In any of these cases you to come to the aid File Recovery – a program that restores even hopelessly lost files .

Convenient search
You do not need much time to find the necessary files . File Recovery Program allows you to specify the detailed search criteria. For example , you can specify the types of files and disks on which you want to search . If you remember, when the files have been modified for the last time , set a particular date range . If you are looking for a specific file, and remember at least a part of its name , you can add it as a search criterion .

Search data on remote sections
Even if you have deleted a partition , File Recovery can find and recover the files. This even applies to those parts of the disk that you have already taken under other sections . The program can also find files to a formatted disk . In cases where it was made ​​only a quick format , there is a high probability of data recovery .

Safely Remove
File Shredder – another useful feature of the program , which will be useful to anyone who wants to remove confidential information from the disk quickly and permanently. Few people realize that usually files can be easily recovered with the help of powerful programs such as Auslogics File Recovery, even if the Recycle Bin has been emptied . Files deleted with File Shredder, can not be recovered by any software.

Cleaning deleted files
Unlike File Shredder, the tool deletes previously deleted conventional manner on the entire disc information . For greater security, Disk Wiper allows you to disable System Restore service . Since this service monitors changes in files , disabling it will ensure that in the process of erasing the new copies of the files will not be created . Disk Wiper can also clean the terminal clusters and record in the table MFT.

Creating a disc image
The program allows you to create a copy of your disc , keeping all the information in a single file – the disk image . This feature is useful if you have deleted important files , but you do not have time to restore them and you need to continue to work on the computer. In this case , creating a copy of the disk , you will prevent erasure of lost files and can restore them directly from the disk image .

Support for various types of media
Auslogics File Recovery supports most common media types . You can restore files that have been deleted from your computer , external hard drive or USB memory card. And thanks to the support of flash drives, you can recover photos and videos that were deleted from your camcorder or digital camera .

Preview files
The ability to preview files – another useful feature of the program File Recovery. With this feature , you can view pictures, photos , videos, text and content of PDF documents directly in the program . This allows you to set of found files can only select dates and quickly restore them.

Download Auslogics File Recovery + Crack Keygen

Auslogics File Recovery Full & Final Latest Version