CPU-Z 1.71 Portable Latest Version

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CPU-Z is able to show various information about your CPU, such as the name and manufacturer, frequency, process technology manufacturing, frequency multiplier, is partly determined by razognannostprocessor.

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In addition, information about caches first and second level, supported instruction sets and other … Sometimes processors with the same name hide unequal “stuffing” different kernels with different steppings, capabilities, different frequencies at the same rating, produced by different technical processes and t. d. part of these data could be obtained by studying the inscription on the lid of the processor, but they tend to be safely hidden in the system unit by the cooler layer

Precisely defines the basic characteristics of the processor: the name, the type of nucleus and stepping used connector, support of various multimedia instructions, scope and parameters of the cache
Provides data on the current mode of operation, the frequency of the processor and bus multiplier supply voltage
Provides information on the amount and the current operating mode of RAM, the contents of SPD-blocks of memory modules. Advanced – basic information about motherboard and a separate benchmark memory latency.

Title: CPU-Z
Language: ENG
Treatment: not required

System requirements:
     Windows® 2003, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit)

CPU-Z 1.71 Portable 32/64 Bit Download

CPU-Z 1.71 Portable Latest Version