CyberLink Power2Go Platinum 10.0.1210 Full & Final (LATEST)

CyberLink Power2Go Platinum 10 (LATEST) + Patch Keygen

CyberLink Power2Go – a multifunctional software package that allows you to copy discs, process and record data, music, videos and photos on a variety of media formats. The program CyberLink Power2Go Platinum 10 Final (LATEST) + Patch Keygen Patch supports all currently existing media formats – HD DVD, Blu-ray, CD-R / RW, DVD-R / RW, DVD + R9 and DVD-RAM. Music tracks can be transferred from CD to hard disk as files of WAV, MP3 or WMA, t. E. To make an audio CD. In addition, this software includes built-in composite tools that allow you to edit movies and personalize their wheels, providing them with menus and index.
CyberLink Power2Go Platinum 10 (LATEST) + Patch Keygen 1
In the version of CyberLink Power2Go Platinum shows some interesting new features. For example, created in the image files can be mounted as virtual drives. The user will be able to read data from ISO images with the same ease with which they copy files from a conventional disk.

Built-in tools for backup and data recovery to help ensure the safety of critical information, and using Disk System Recovery Disc PC owners will be able to return to duty system affected by virus attacks, serious failure or damage to the hard disk. Customers interested in the security of confidential data will appreciate the support for the latest 256-bit encryption algorithms, as well as to protect the information from unauthorized access with a password.

Disparate collection of digital images, high resolution can be combined into a photo gallery and written to disk, playable on home media players. Users will also be able to turn your home video material in the video of professional quality, record a movie to a DVD-ROM and provide it with a stylish navigation menus. An impressive collection of free templates DVD-menus available for download on the site

The package also includes an updated version of the audio content editor WaveEditor 2. Attention is invited to the modified mixer with support for multiple time scales, which will simplify the layout and contents of processing multiple audio tracks.

Features of CyberLink Power2Go Platinum 10.0.1210 Full & Final (LATEST):
Record any media to any disc
The program covers disc formats CD, DVD ±, Blu-ray and even the latest 128GB BDXL. With expanded support for disk formats, you can simply insert your disc, select the files you want and let the program do the rest for you.

Protect your data
Loss of drive it is a tragedy, especially if it contains important data. Encrypt the data contained on it with 256-bit encryption on an industrial scale, and your information will be saved from not authorized access!

Copy your disk is “reasonable”
Copy your entire disc on Windows seems to you difficult and uncomfortable? The program allows you to easily rip your CD, DVD and unprotected disks Blu-ray. Or you can simply copy your hard drive as an image for future use. Enjoy basic data recording method!

Disk Image Viewer
You no longer need to guess what is contained in the image file .ISO. The program comes with a built-in viewer disk images, so you can access and extract files and folders directly from the .ISO image to your hard disk without writing data to a CD.

Extract, edit, and record your audio
Want to copy a song from your favorite CD or extract a soundtrack from the video? Let Power2Go 7 do it for you. The program includes WaveEditor, so you can trim or extend your media before you upload them to share.

Interactive Gallery HD photos
New tool for creating photo galleries allows you to view your photos as an interactive slideshow in their original high quality. With support for text and Internet links program is ideal for portfolio companies and directories.

Professional development videodisc
Give your video disc a new look with the stylish and professional DVD-menus. Customize your own videos, pictures and text and create a menu that will best meet your requirements when recording your DVD.

Title: CyberLink Power2Go Platinum
Developer: CyberLink
Distribution License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.


CyberLink Power2Go Platinum 10.0.1210 Full & Final (LATEST)