Norton Internet Security 2014 Final

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The official version of antivirus from the company Norton. Norton Internet Security – a comprehensive anti-virus and firewall, which protects your computer, local network, online activities and your personal data, using innovative technologies to fight modern aggressive threats. powerful and fast protection against malware and online threats without slowing down your computer. Improved Norton Protection System with multi-level security technologies working together, provides comprehensive protection.

Say goodbye to viruses
Do not be afraid of missing something, because we are always on guard of your security – SONAR technology and components around the clock monitoring monitor suspicious transactions on your computer and quickly identify threats.
Download anything you want – our remedies scan downloaded files and remove found threats.
Perform deep cleaning of your computer – our effective removal function eliminates threats from even the most complex in terms of the elimination of threats that are often overlooked by simpler products.
Use global protection – only Norton creates super-efficient network protection, blocking most threats before they reach your computer.
Securing the future, available today – our exclusive technology to protect against viruses, based on the analysis of power and behavior, can stop network threats that have not even been invented by hackers.
Stay away from intruders – protection function browser blocks unsafe websites that without your knowledge download the software to steal confidential information or taking control of your computer.

Reflect any attempt to identity theft – is the only way to shop, browse the web and use social networks without worrying about the consequences.
In order to get to a fraudulent website, it is enough to make one wrong move, but our protection block phishing websites that fraudulently make you reveal your passwords, credit card numbers or other sensitive information.
Links on Facebook are a great temptation – now you do not need to worry about whether Facebook news feed links to fraudulent sites or dangerous downloads.
Protect the identity of the expense of secure storage and automatic input user names and passwords.

Norton Online Family helps to protect children from the dangers of the Internet
Norton Online Family can be opened directly from the Control Center Norton.
Keeps track of the Web sites visited by your children, so you know what they are doing on the network, and can block inappropriate sites.
Oversee the activities of children in social networks, and for those with whom they communicate in chat, allowing time to identify potential attackers.

Specially designed to be unobtrusive – upscale protection does not affect the performance of your computer and do not interfere with your work.
Excellent performance guarantees quick search and scan files.
Intelligent detection and invisible work in the background allows you to block threats without annoying pop-up warnings and you are prompted to restart your computer.
The product scans for and download updates only when the computer is not in use and does not require to reboot after the upgrade.

Everyone is talking about the cloud. With our new cloud-based services Norton Management, you will be easy to keep everything under control.
Allows you to edit, update, renew and install Norton products on additional PCs without having to remember the product key, or use the installation CD-ROM.
Works anywhere on the Internet and managed just a few clicks.

Enhanced protection of the computer includes all the components of Norton AntiVirus.

Norton Protection System – patented five levels of protection allow for much faster and more accurately identify and remove threats.
Protection at the network level – blocks threats from the Internet before they reach your computer.

Heuristic Protection SONAR and round the clock monitoring of threats – always one step ahead. Tracking suspicious transactions on the computer, the program is able to detect and remove threats that have not even been created.

Function to eliminate the dangers – identifies and resolves the most hidden and difficult to remove threats that are often overlooked by simpler products.

Norton Management – a cloud solution that allows a few simple actions to correct, update, renew and install Norton ™ Internet Security on the Internet. Collects in one place all available remedies Norton for other devices: computers Mac®, smartphones or tablets.

Always the latest version of the product – over the years Norton automatically sends important updates related to the product and its features. The latest version is installed automatically without any effort on your part.
Norton Identity Safe protects, stores and automatically adds the user names and passwords.
Norton Safe Web for Facebook scans Facebook news feed for dangerous links, infected files, and unsafe websites.

Parental controls allow you to gain access to Norton Online Family Norton ™ Internet through Security.
FREE support allows at any time to get help and answers to questions by phone, chat, or on the Internet.
Anti-phishing technology blocks fraudulent “phishing” websites created by cybercriminals to steal your money, passwords and confidential information.

Insight improves performance by identifying trusted files and scan only unknowns.
Norton Safe Web proactively protects you on the Internet, identifying and blocking unsafe and fake websites directly in the results poiska.2
Protection function browser proactively protects the user by monitoring and blocking threats from the network immediately upon loading the browser that allows you to eliminate threats before they can cause considerable damage.
Download Insight 2.0 protects against downloading dangerous applications, warning before installing them that the program is dangerous or unstable.
Means of addressing the vulnerabilities prevent the use by hackers holes (vulnerabilities) in application security to prevent the infiltration of threats on your computer.

Bandwidth Management 2.0 – automatically adjusts the Norton Update at work in 3G networks to avoid overspending monthly volume of traffic and the appearance of the additional costs.

Norton Pulse Updates updating protection every 5-15 minutes, without requiring user intervention.

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Norton Internet Security 2014 Final