Notepad++ Final + Portable Free Download

Notepad++ Final + Portable Free Download (LATEST)

I decided to acquaint you with the latest version of my favorite text editor Notepad++ Final + Portable Free Download, which has the support of the syntax is quite an impressive list of programming languages, if anyone is interested, the full list is waiting for you on the official page. The editor has a rather impressive set of options, its main difference is a small resource consumption of your CPU, and the maximum number of features, of course, I can only recommend you to download the Notepad to our project.

Notepad++ Final + Portable Free Download (LATEST) 1 Notepad++ Final + Portable Free Download (LATEST) 2

I would like to mention the possibility of the editor to highlight text and fold it into blocks, it is possible to perform according to the syntax of a programming language. Notepad allows its users to define the syntax of the programming language you want, and of course the backlight mode can be adjusted to suit your preferences. The editor can also view multiple documents, each of which can be edited separately. And Notepad can be viewed in two different windows of the same document and edit it as separate from each other. Notepad++ Final + Portable Free Download (LATEST)

Other features of the editor, I would highlight the ability to record macros and after play, and when you edit the text, you can highlight brackets as Notepad, all users can post your notes directly in the window, there is a possibility of increasing the scale, as the program is able to automatically determine the status file , the text in Notepad can be added simply by dragging the mouse, of course, integrated search and replace, there is also a module responsible for automatic completion type words. I hope you enjoy Notepad pretty nimble program.

Title Release: Notepad++ Final + Portable Download
Developer: Don HO
License type: FreeWare
Language: Multi + Russian
Size: 11.90 MB
OS: Windows


Notepad++ Final + Portable Free Download