Shareaza 2.7.8 Full & Final + Portable (LATEST)

Shareaza 2.7.8 Full & Final + Portable (LATEST) Download Free

Shareaza 2.7.8 Full & Final + Portable (LATEST) Download Free a program designed to download files through file-sharing networks. Shareaza can search and download any files (music, software, photos, video, text documents) and works in the following file-sharing networks: eDonkey2000, BitTorrent, Gnutella and Gnutella2. Understand all the intricacies of this application is very simple because of the intuitive settings and nice interface. When you first start, Shareaza will start the Setup Wizard, with which you can quickly set up and adjust the basic options (all settings are set in turn-based dialogues with tips). It supports skins. We should also note the absence of various spyware that are often associated with this type of program.
Shareaza 2.7.8 Full & Final + Portable (LATEST) Download Free 1 Shareaza 2.7.8 Full & Final + Portable (LATEST) Download Free 2
Upload files in Style Shareazy!
Use the power of 4 P2P-networks!
Four networks mean access to a large number of other users. Pointless to look for something else: Shareaza already hog all!

Download from multiple sources
Downloads are very fast! Shareaza eagerly shakes with members of all four networks simultaneously!

Advanced file check
Say goodbye to the beaten files. Shareaza detects and repairs the damage before downloading the file is completed.

Global search through Gnutella2!
Search the Internet all computers, not just web servers. Shareaza find any file!

Convenient presentation of results
Each search is displayed in a separate window. You will never lose what was found. Shareaza will search for what you want and when you want!

Views, descriptions and ratings
You can get a preview of the images or movies directly in the search box. And even view the description and ratings of found files from other users on the network. Shareaza will help you avoid downloading fake files!

Set forth the beauty, decorate, decorate

Tired of boring old Windows?
So why not change the skins? You can choose the design of a large number of ready-made, or even create your own design and share it with the world! Shareaza will be able to please you!

Shareaza – internationalist
Translated into a dozen different languages and dialects, Shareaza is a Unicode-program and support searching and downloading files on the user’s native language. Shareaza is suitable for anyone living on Earth.

Expand Shareazu plugins
Expand functionality with plug-ins Shareazy, no restrictions. You can even create your own plug-ins!

View files and communicate with users
Someone told Media Player?
Play all types of video and audio files, admire visualization, edit playlists, and even control the player using the remote control!

View Files
Want to see the video file before it completely rocked? Cool, Shareaza is able to play incomplete audio and video files!

Communicate using Shareazy!
You can chat with your friends while using Shareazu, and can live to find out about the files that you find, directly from their owner!

block violators
With blocking lists, advanced IP-filter system and identify P2P-programs, you can easily block intruders and leechers. Shareaza protect you!

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 (x32 / x64)
Treatment: not required

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Shareaza 2.7.8 Full & Final + Portable (LATEST)