TSR Watermark Image Software + Portable (LATEST)

TSR Watermark Image Software + Portable

Updated very small and also a free utility that was primarily designed for personal use on Windows. The program aims to add unlimited number of photographs and pictures of digital watermarks, and you can adjust the watermark settings, TSR Watermark Image Software + Key Crack Patch Free Download direct link – you can get free with our project to the full news.

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Of course you can configure responsible for transparency added inscriptions or images, adjust the location of the image, choose the color and adjust the style, in general, everything is pretty well, you will be able to any picture to shove his signature so that it does not interfere with the overall picture. TSR Watermark Image lets you edit the original image itself, for example, you can change the original size of the image to fit it to the watermark. Note to add your signature, you can use as a text and choose a picture for this it is necessary to specify its location on your hard disk.

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TSR Watermark Image Software Image lets you add captions to the background of your image, it is necessary to adjust some parameters of this I think the problems will not be, because the interface is translated into Russian language, although as you can see is not the best translation from the developer, but still better than nothing, agree. As stated above, you can work with an unlimited number of images, and you can add them moving the mouse in the main window. All parameters of the program are available in the main window, in fact there are no more special settings, it is also convenient, but I do not like that TSR Watermark Image not allow you to resize the main window, you must remember that I do not like it, but it certainly not a bad thing. In general, a program is nothing more to tell you, I hope the editor will be useful, pleasant to use all! Quite forgetting to add, for the personal use of the program is completely free, if you want to use it to make or install the office, you have to pay, you know yourself that it is not serious.

Release Name: TSR Watermark Image Software + Portable (LATEST)
Developer: TSR Watermark Image software
License type: FreeWare
Language: Multi
Size: 14.90 MB
OS: Windows 32+64 Bit


TSR Watermark Image Software + Portable (LATEST)