USDownloader Full & Final + Portable (LATEST)

USDownloader Final + Portable (LATEST) Download

Universal Share Downloader / USDownloader – is a universal rocking chair from sites that allow you to upload files to yourself. Universal Share Downloader / USDownloader – It’s no secret that some of these sites provide only one pump flow, and one file at a time. Plus part still is a pause in the hour / two before a race the next file. Remember that downloaded that there is – it is difficult. And on the clock when you can economize swing, and when not.
USDownloader Final + Portable (LATEST) Download 1

Universal Share Downloader / USDownloader – is a program for downloading files. The first is optimized for downloading (including fully automatic) with the various file-sharing servers such as, LetitBit, Deposit and other websites with video YouTube, RuTubei other. Universal Share Downloader / USDownloader supports more than 120! You just need to add a reference to the program, press start and it will download all of their own. You will not have to remember how many times again can be downloaded from rapidshare, how many more links in the left and which folder to save it all.

The main purpose of Universal Share Downloader / USDownloader – it downloads from file-sharing servers. Usually, to download these files, the browser must perform a specific set of actions. Universal Share Downloader / USDownloader automates this process, ie, just enter the link into the program and press start, the program will do more on their own. It is no secret that many exchange offices in order to get a link to download, you must enter the verification code. In the program USDownloader integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR). If the system copes with the recognition code, the program works in a fully automatic mode. If not, the program operates in the so-called semi-automatic mode, i.e. you must manually enter the code in a special window. Here comes to the aid program and Cap, with which it was possible to make a recognition code, where not handle built-in OCR. This is the main difference from the original assembly program. All plug-ins and the program itself Universal Share Downloader / USDownloader remain unchanged!

How to use:
Run USDownloader with green icon the ball.
Click the “+” button in the main window.
Paste the link (or a few links with the window itself will increase), which must be pumped and choose where to save the file. Click “OK”.
Click “Start” button (the button Play”).
The program will upload files.

Build recommended that you install to a new directory, or before you copy the directory with the already established USD, delete all folders / files. Leave can only file USDownloader.lst (list of downloads). You can not leave the file USDownloader.ini (program settings), or automatic recognition may not work.

     The program works without installation on the computer.

Official website: SimBa aka Dimonius
Poster assembly: sborkausd
Language: English / Russian
Treatment: not required
System Requirements: Windows All


USDownloader Full & Final + Portable (LATEST)