Adobe After Effects CC 12.0.0

Installation Instructions:
– Disconnect from the internet (Switch OFF WiFi or disconnect the ethernet cable). This step is very important.
– Open “AfterEffects_12_LS20.dmg”.
– Install Adobe After Effects CC using the “Try” option.
– Now, you will be asked to sign in using an Adobe ID. Click on “Sign In”, Ignore the unable to connect error and click on “Connect Later/Sign In Later” to finish installation.
– After Installation is complete, Open “Adobe After Effects CC” and then close/quit it. This step is important to unlock some features.
– Open “Adobe CC Crack Kit 1.0.dmg” and copy the “amtlib.framework” folder.
– Go to your Applications folder and find Adobe After Effects CC app.
– Right-Click on “Adobe After Effects” and click on “Show Package Contents”. Open “Contents” folder and then open “Frameworks” folder.
– Find “amtlib.framework” folder in the “Frameworks” folder. Delete it and then paste the new “amtlib.framework” folder that you have copied earlier.
– Go back to “Adobe CC Crack Kit 1.0” and Open “Smart Adobe CC Blocker”. Click on “OK”. At this stage you may be asked to enter your mac’s password, enter it and then click on “OK”. A message will come up saying “Completed”.
– You can now re-connect to the internet.
– Congratulations, you now have a fully functional copy of Adobe After Effects CC.

After updating the App, if it reverts back to trial then replace the amtlib.framework folder in the Frameworks folder with the one from Adobe CC Crack Kit 1.0.dmg
Important Note:
Automatic updates will not be possible due to the crack disabling the AMT login sequence. You will need to update it manually using the Adobe Application Manager app.

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