AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro / Server / Technician / Unlimited Edition 5.6.2

By | January 26, 2015

Partition Assistant Pro + Unlimited 5.6.2 + Crack Keygen Key

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro – feature-rich application for managing hard disk partitions. With a simple and intuitive wizard-driven interface, you can create, delete, format, move partitions, resize, hide them, copy and clone disks and partitions, or delete data on a disk surface test drive and re-create the partitions without losing data. Aomei Partition Assistant has several built-in wizards to resize partition, copy disk and partitions, move the operating system on a new hard drive and boot from it and restore partitions, restore the MBR and create bootable discs.
Download Partition Assistant Pro + Server + Unlimited 5.6.2 + Crack Keygen Patch Serial Key Full Version users have the ability to merge several chapters into one, split one partition into several parts, to convert the FAT file system to NTFS, and delete data from the disk without the possibility of subsequent recovery. In addition to the above, Aomei Partition Assistant allows you to change the ID and a serial number to convert the physical partitions to virtual and vice versa, change the names of partitions and hard drives, set active partition, and more.
Aomei Partition Assistant supports all storage devices such as flash drives, HDD, SSD, RAID-arrays with both: MBR and GPT disk partitioning style.

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In addition, Aomei Partition Assistant contains AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Pro, which allows you to manage dynamic disk volume.
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Key Features of AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro / Server / Technician / Unlimited Edition 5.6.2:
Opportunity to expand the system partition NTFS, without restarting your computer to maximize computer performance and minimize downtime;
Merge adjacent partitions into one large without loss of data, or merge unallocated space in the partition;
Splitting a single large partition into two or more sections;
Creating as many partitions as you want, without the use of available disk space;
Copying partitions to migrate a Windows system or backup your important data;
Hard Disk Cloning helps when it is updated;
Rapid distribution of free space from one partition to another to make full use of disk space.

New features AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro / Server / Technician / Unlimited Edition 5.6.2:
Migrate OS to SSD / HDD: For many users, SSD, this simple technology can help move its OS to SSD and keep the original system.
Partition Recovery: Recover lost or deleted partitions in a few steps.
Aligning sections: acceleration drives when reading and writing data, especially drives SSD.
Bootable CD: performs safe Partition Management Mode and WinPE boot from CD / DVD, flash memory USB.
Overwriting MBR: dub from the main boot drive on damaged hard disk MBR for easy recovery.
Converting between GPT and MBR: conversion to GPT disk to MBR without loss of data back and forth.
Partition Management Linux: create, delete, format, copy, delete, partition recovery Ext2 / Ext3.
Changing the type of partition (ID) and serial number.

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 (32 & 64 bits)
Processor: AMD or Intel processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz or higher
Memory: 256 MB
Video: Video card with 128 MB of memory from above
Free space on HDD: 18.8 MB

Operating System: Windows®
Developer: AOMEI Technology
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