CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 With XForce Keygen Crack Patch Download

By | May 16, 2014

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 With XForce Keygen Crack Patch Download

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6

CorelDRAW® Technical Suite X6 (formerly known as Corel DESIGNER® Technical Suite) combines the technical drawing tools of Corel DESIGNER with the graphic design power of CorelDRAW to give you a complete visual communication solution. Take advantage of all-new features to tackle a wide range of technical communication projects, from complex training manuals and intricate parts catalogs to detailed instruction sheets and more.
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Repurpose technical design assets – With support for CAD drawings (AutoCAD DWG and DXF), legacy files and images, and more, CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 ensures your information can be delivered or repurposed in all of the industry’s leading formats. Enjoy built-in 3D repurposing, plus the option to add on 3D CAD support and advanced 3D visualization.

Create precise technical illustrations – Produce standout technical drawings with dedicated diagramming tools and projected drawing capabilities. With essential callout and dimension tools, robust color styles and harmonies, and more, it’s easy to achieve a consistent and complementary visual style throughout any technical document.

Publish to technical communication standards – Create and deliver standardized technical documentation and confidently exchange files with clients thanks to enhanced support for more than 100 leading file formats, including WebCGM 2.x and S1000D, Microsoft Visio (VSD), Microsoft Publisher, SVG, DOCX, EPS, TIFF, PDF and more.

Increase speed and performance – Say goodbye to slowdowns when working with large files. Native 64-bit support gives you a dramatically faster performance, and enhanced multi-core processor support maximizes efficiency when working on multiple projects at once, importing and exporting files, or manipulating large documents.

What’s included
– Corel DESIGNER® X6 – precision illustration and technical design software
– CorelDRAW® X6 – creative vector illustration and page-layout application
– Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™ X6 – easy-to-use, professional image-editing application
– Corel® PowerTRACE® X6 – fast, accurate bitmap-to-vector conversion tool
– Corel® CAPTURE® X6 – one-click screen capture utility
– Corel® CONNECT™ – full-screen browser for searching digital content from your computer, network, external storage device or online sources
– Corel® Website Creator™ X6* – build websites, design web pages and manage web content
– XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition – 3D visualization authoring software
– XVL Player – 3D embedding and viewing component
– Microsoft® Visual Studio® Tools for Applications (VSTA) and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – powerful automation tools
* account required to download this application

Access and repurpose technical design assets
Corel® CONNECT™ X6 – Speed up your workflow with Corel CONNECT, a built-in content search tool that helps you quickly find and organize graphical assets, templates, fonts and images located on your local network or online portals and websites.

* New! Multiple trays – work with several trays concurrently and gain the flexibility to organize assets for multiple projects
* New! Search capability – extract images instantly from a client’s website by simply typing a web address in the Search box

Corel PowerTRACE® X6 – Quickly convert scanned bitmaps, such as circuit design blueprints, schematics, hand-drawn illustrations and more, into editable vector graphics with smoother curves and more accurate results.

New! 3D import with XVL Studio 3D – Generate high-quality illustrations from defined and custom 3D model views using the integrated 3D visualization module, XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition. Import DWG, 3DS, VRML and XVL files, and create technical illustrations and renderings from 3D views. New in CorelDRAW® Technical Suite X6, interactively place and scale the 3D-sourced illustration on import, eliminating the need to reposition or resize in a separate step.

New! XVL Studio 3D CAD Add-On (optional) – Open and work with the latest 3D CAD file formats, including CATIA V5, PTC Creo (formerly Pro/ENGINEER), SolidWorks, Inventor, NX, IGES, STEP, JT and more. The easy-to-use 3D visualization authoring solution lets you work with a broad range of 3D CAD systems without extensive 3D CAD training. With a full set of animation tools, you can create assembly instructions and maintenance manuals for complex assembly structures efficiently. Publish the results for online and mobile viewing, or as U3D file (for 3D PDF) to create animated instructions and other interactive technical documentation.

New! Insert 3D models with XVL Player – Use the new Insert 3D functionality in XVL Player to embed 3D models as 3D elements into your projects. You can specify views, scale and rendering mode to add context to your technical illustration. When importing vector illustrations from 3D model views, the drawing scale is maintained and imported views are placed at scale. Publish technical illustrations including a high-resolution image of the selected 3D view. With integrated XVL Studio 3D, you can also open XVL files for further editing.

Create technical illustrations with precision
Projected drawing modes – Actively draw on the projected plane to create isometric or other parallel projected illustrations for assembly and maintenance instructions. For existing planar objects, you can also project the objects to a desired plane, rather than calculating a rotation and skew angle manually.

New! Sticky callouts and easy callout text edits – New sticky callouts conveniently link to the source shape as it is moved or modified. Also new in Corel DESIGNER X6, you can easily base callout text on object properties by linking it to the source shape metadata. The callouts linked to object metadata are dynamic, saving you time when updating callouts for iterative modifications of an illustration.

New! Drawing scale control from toolbar – Manipulate the drawing scale from the toolbar at any time for precise technical illustrations. Identify the active drawing scale, switch to any drawing scale preset or set a custom drawing scale for the active document. You don’t need to open a dialog box – you’ll always know the actual drawing scale because it’s displayed in the UI.

New! Alignment guides – New alignment guides help you position objects faster with suggested alignments to the existing elements on your page. The temporary guidelines appear when you create, resize, or move objects in relation to the center or edges of other nearby objects. Plus, the guides interactively connect the centers and the edges of objects.

Enhanced! Advanced dimension tools – Display precise measurement values in build plans and more with advanced dimension tools, including radial and diameter dimensioning. With the new projected dimension options, projected drawings can be easily and efficiently documented with precise and dynamic dimension lines and text, eliminating the need to draw and project dimension objects in multiple steps.

Enhanced! Streamlined graphical transformations – Use the enhanced Transformations docker to apply precise transformations quickly. Move, copy, rotate, resize or scale, mirror and project graphical objects using precise coordinates, with support for onscreen selection or measurement and application of the changes on the fly.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 With XForce Keygen Crack Patch Download

Maintain style and consistency
New! Revised styles engine and docker – The new Object Styles docker simplifies the creation, application, and management of styles for graphical shapes, including symbols, callouts and dimensioning. Take advantage of Style Sets to apply consistent formatting across multiple objects, produce iterative versions, and implement formatting with speed and consistency.

New! Color Styles and Harmonies – Create a Color Style out of the colors used in a document to save you time and effort when implementing a color change throughout a project. By creating a Color Style, you’re able to modify colors collectively for speed and consistency. Group a document’s color styles together into a Harmony to easily produce recurring designs with varying color schemes.

Enhanced! Halos on curves applied as a style – Halos help ensure your illustrations are easily interpreted and understood. Apply halos to connector lines that cross over each other to make wiring diagrams and flowcharts easier to read, or use halos to highlight the axes of an exploded view with thrust lines. With the new Object Styles docker, you can save halos as part of a preset line style, making it easy to reuse them throughout complex projects.

New! Master Layers – Create page-specific designs for your multi-page documents with the new and improved Master Layers. It’s now a breeze to incorporate page-specific headers, footers and page numbers into your technical communication documents.

New! Page numbering – Instantly add page numbers on all pages of a document, starting on a specific page, or starting with a particular number. The numbers are automatically updated when you add or delete pages in your document. This flexibility is ideal when working with multiple files that will eventually become a single publication.

Publish to technical communications standards
Enhanced! File format support and industry standard compliance – Create, share and deliver standardized technical documentation with support for over 100 leading formats, including AutoCAD DWG and DXF, Microsoft Visio (VSD), WebCGM & S1000D, Microsoft Publisher 2010, SVG, DOCX, EPS, TIFF, PDF and more. CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 also offers enhanced support for Adobe products, including Adobe CS6 (PSD, AI) and Adobe Acrobat X.

New! Automated SVG export – Corel DESIGNER X6 can publish SVG, the HTML 5 supported vector graphics file format for online publication of scalable graphics. New with Corel DESIGNER X6, publishing to SVG can be fully automated as a background task, enabling advanced integration with Technical Authoring systems and any Content Management System.

New! Complex script support – A new overhauled text engine offers built-in complex script support to ensure proper typesetting for glyphs used by Asian and Middle Eastern languages. This is particularly useful for multilingual technical documentation and localized technical illustrations with text.

Increase performance, speed and efficiency
New! Multi-core processor and native 64-bit support – Enjoy the speed of multi-core processing power and true native 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 8 applications. The enhanced speed allows you to quickly process larger files and images. Plus, your system will be more responsive when running several applications simultaneously.

New! Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 7.1 – Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA 2.0) allows you to create macros and add-ins. Native 64-bit support for Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA 7.1) is also included to perform simple customization tasks. Easily create connections to Content Management Systems (CMS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM) Systems.

New! Interactive callouts – Callouts are commonly used as hotspots that link to additional data. Now you can apply hotspots manually to complete callout objects—including leader line, text and surrounding halo—to make the entire callout interactive. This capability is particularly handy when publishing your projects to CGM or SVG.

New! Advanced image editing with Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 – Designed to complement Corel DESIGNER and CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 lets you edit images and cut out unwanted objects using the new SmartCarver™ tool. Plus, new non-destructive editing tools like Clip Mask and Pass Through Merge Mode in layered bitmaps, help create clearly understandable images for visual technical communication.

New! CorelDRAW X6 – Take on a wide range of graphics projects with the creative design power of included CorelDRAW X6. This graphics design software gives you powerful vector illustration and page layout tools for completing complementary tasks. Learn more about this popular graphic design software.

System Requirements
– Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit) or Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) all with latest service packs installed
– Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Opteron
– 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM on Windows 64-bit)
– 1.5 GB hard disk space (for typical installation without content, additional disk space is required during installation)
– Mouse or tablet
– 1024 x 768 screen resolution
– DVD drive
– Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher

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CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 With XForce Keygen Crack Patch Download

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CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 With XForce Keygen Crack Patch Download