Crossworld CrossFTP Pro 1.96.6 + Portable (LATEST)

By | January 22, 2015

Download CrossFTP Pro 1.96.6 + Crack Keygen + Portable

CrossFTP – flexible, graphical user interface, a client for FTP, works in all operating systems with Java. The new version of Download CrossFTP Pro 1.96.6 + Crack Keygen + Portable has got rid of the numerous errors of the previous and acquired additional arguments for the command line and the possibility of the time zone of the server.
Download CrossFTP Pro 1.96.6 + Crack Keygen + Portable 1
CrossFTP Pro is an interesting, full-featured and excellent FTP client. CrossFTP Pro is a FTP / FXP / SFTP / FTPS / WebDav / S3 client and synchronization tool. CrossFTP has a user-friendly, explorer-like interface so that even novice users can master it in minutes. To start CrossFTP, please open the download link by Java Web Start (javaws).

Key Features of Crossworld CrossFTP Pro 1.96.6 + Portable (LATEST):
· Multiple tabs for local and remote file browsing;
· Archives browsing, extraction, and compression;
· CrossFTP Server startup solution for easy LAN file sharing;
· Unicode support for international sites;
· Text and image quick viewer;
· Recursive File transportations;
· Quick file filtering by marks;
· Auto-reconnect and anti-idle;
· Password protection and certs management;
· Bonjour (ZeroConf) service discovery;
· Supports transfer compressing (Mode Z); and bit more …
· Robust backup and bi-directional file synchronization.
· Multi-thread queue processing engine;
· Supports secure encrypted FTP over TLS / SSL (FTPS);
· Supports secure encrypted SSH FTP Transfer Protocol (SFTP); Supports secure encryped WebDav / HTTPS;
· Supports Amazon S3;
· IPV6 support;
· Supports FXP (Site to Site) file transportation;
· Download and upload speed limit control;
· Powerful search tool for remote FTP files;
· Supports Remote quick view and edit;
· HTTP, FTP, and SOCK 4, 5 proxy support;
· Build-in scheduler support for the queue engine. and bit more …

OC: Windows All
Language: English / english