GameSave Manager Prototype 4 Full & Final (LATEST)

GameSave Manager Prototype 4 Final (LATEST) Download

GameSave Manager – a free utility that backs up your saved traveled computer games. Then, if necessary, repairs them. This is useful, for example, when your save may be accidentally deleted by formatting or cleaning system, or game saves can, for whatever reason be damaged.
GameSave Manager Prototype 4 Full & Final (LATEST) allows you to transfer stored on another computer. You do not need to manually look for, where it was stored your last saved game. The program supports over 500 games and finds them yourself on your computer. List of games poyastoyanno updated. If it still can not find your game, you can add it manually.
You can adjust the search Saved on schedule, for example every day at a certain time or on a weekly basis on the dates indicated. Specify to save for each game program stored in a separate archive. If you want all backups GameSave Manager can fold in the online repository Dropbox. With GameSave Manager, you no longer have to worry that your save the lost and have to start the game again.

GameSave Manager Prototype 4 Final (LATEST) Download free

Key Features of GameSave Manager Prototype 4 Full & Final (LATEST):
Backs up the save data
restores saves
Independently search your computer for files saved games
Allows you to transfer the save file to another PC
Supports about five hundred games
Save copies of an online service Dropbox (by the user)

Perhaps you have been victim of file corruption which also victimised your gamesaves?
Maybe you just wish to transfer your gamesave (s) to your new machine, or to take with you to a friend’s?
With GameSave Manager, you can easily backup, restore and transfer your gamesave (s).
No longer do you need to manually track through all of the those different directories to backup / restore / transfer your gamesaves, making it great for those who like to share gamesave progress with friends / family, format frequently, paranoid about data loss, etc.

Language: Multi
Treatment: not required
System requirements:

Windows XP / Windows XP x64
Windows Vista / Windows Vista x64
Windows Seven / Windows Seven x64


GameSave Manager Prototype 4 Full & Final (LATEST)