GoodSync Enterprise Full & Final (LATEST)

By | April 25, 2015

GoodSync Enterprise + LifeTime Key Crack Patch

If you need a powerful program that can synchronize and backup files, then I think you can try for this purpose GoodSync Enterprise + LifeTime Key Crack Patch download the direct link – fast and free with our project. You can eg automatically lead sync email, contacts, various files, which can include both photos and video / audio files, in general, all that you hold dear and necessary. Synchronization can be performed between the desktop and laptop computers, smart phones, devices running Windows Mobile, different types of drives, Ftp servers and so on.

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The process itself is quite clever, GoodSync Enterprise + LifeTime Key automatically detect and synchronize your post correctly, it is worth noting the correct definition of the need to remove, you will be able to spend chained synchronization for multiple devices. GoodSync not worked fast enough, while consuming a small amount of hardware resources. Naturally in the settings, you can edit the filters, indicating there is only the data you need. GoodSync can encrypt data using an algorithm EFS, compresses files to NTFS, you can even copy locked files.

If you wish, you can also edit the copy speed, if you want you can work with text files line by comparing them. Under the program, all the basic idea I think is clear for a long time, if we consider the interface, then there are also all the most convenient and simple, GoodSync has the support of the Russian language, why run and configure all the settings will not be as difficult as you would with alternative designs.

Release Name: GoodSync Enterprise Full & Final (LATEST)
Developer: Siber Systems, Inc
License type: ShareWare
Language: Multi
Size: 22.16 MB
OS: Windows 32+64 Bit