IcoFX 2.12 Full (KEY CRACK PATCH) + Portable

By | October 1, 2015

Download IcoFX 2.12 Full (KEY CRACK PATCH) + Portable

Updated excellent program that will help not only to create, but also edit existing icons and cursors for the mouse and a small image. The editor can work with transparency, so that the cursor for example can look quite stylish, download IcoFX you can always take full news. Going back to your cursor, you can create both static and animated, that is, the cursor can move, in general, I think if you ever change it, you know what it is about. With this program it is also very easy to create logos for website or blog.

Download IcoFX 2.12 Full (KEY CRACK PATCH) + Portable 1

IcoFX also a good converter image formats, such as can easily convert simple images into icons or cursors, of course, it is desirable to choose the normal size picture, everything will not think to look. The program works with different formats, such as GIF, JPG, PNG, and some others, the list is not very big, but always see it all on the official site IcoFX. Please note, the developers write, that from different files, you can with the help of a tool to extract icons, it is quite convenient really, because sometimes you can get exclusive icons that are difficult to find on the network.

Download IcoFX 2.12 Full (KEY CRACK PATCH) + Portable 3

IcoFX can work with icons for Windows Vista, and 7 with PNG compression, there is a regime of alpha or transparency about which I wrote in the beginning, as you’ll soon batch process your files, I’m very pleased to support the use of their own filters to create stunning effects. IcoFX can work with a resolution up to 256×256, create icons from any image had not yet had such a simple process, you just click once on the mouse button and the conversion will be completed. Of course the program allows you to adjust the parameters relating to the brightness, contrast and so on.

In general IcoFX quite useful program, I really liked. It is worth noting, and different user interface, it is easy to operate, there is no problem at all, you can find out almost immediately. Initially, Russian support there, but as you can see from the screenshots, it is difficult to get anything there, so to work even more pleasant.

Title Release: IcoFX.v2.12
Developer: IcoFX Software
License type: ShareWare
Languages: English
Size: 19.21 MB
OS: Windows