Laughingbird The Logo Creator 6.8 + Bonus Character Pack

Laughingbird The Logo Creator 6.8

This program’s title speaks volumes about its purpose: The Logo Creator includes many templates for developing logos or modifying existing ones. However, the tool’s time-consuming download and complicated functionality are hard to slog through.

First, the big 34MB installation takes a while to load, since it includes an enormous amount of PNG and JPEG files. Then you have to set aside more time to actually launch the program. In our tests, we managed to do that only after one hour of desperate attempts. However, designing logo has been made easier thanks to the “element setter”.

Fortunately, your troubles won’t all be for naught–the highly varied and customizable features can help you build a unique logo. Then, you can save the log as a template for re-use. However, the program is still too simple for professional logo makers, not to mention entirely too frustrating for those who wish to generate a logo quickly and easily.

Create professional looking logos that look like a Photoshop guru spent hours laboring over. Sell the logos you create to your own clients. Play around with these free logo templates and experience what The Logo Creator has to offer. Improvements: each and every modifiable logo has been updated for this new release. More logo elements have also been added. Faster rendering: the engine has been enhanced. You can also save your own logo templates. (Choose Save Template from the FILE menu). You can now choose a logo element from the element setter (the top window that appears over the Canvas). Drag and drop an element onto the Canvas.

Laughingbird The Logo Creator 6.8 new
What’s new in this version:
Better logo design, the ability to create any graphic (page headers, blog images) and much more.

Nothing else even comes close!

-Those “Free” Online Logo Makers actually charge you to download your ONE logo!
-Logo Designers are expensive! With The Logo Creator, YOU control your own image
-The Logo Creator gives you high quality graphics. NOT clip art
-You can SELL what you create with The Logo Creator. Other software products don’t allow this. You’ll be using the software in minutes.

25,000 Facebook Fans love the The Logo Creator Software! With Laughingbird’s amazing software, you can stop wasting time and money and start creating (and selling!) professional graphics that will make you proud.

Here’s what you’ll get

200 “ready made” templates to start your ideas flowing!

The Logo Creator starts you off by showing you over 200 creative templates! No extra work on your part. So now your landing pages, sales pages and membership sites will all look stunning!

Over 300 Graphics Elements

Orbs, swooshes… hands … mascot characters… all kinds of awesome images to use in your designs! (and you can import your own graphics too!)

An easy to use interface

Super easy editing tools! … you won’t find any complex Photoshop-like icons to confuse you.

Click on the text – you’ll get your text options. … click on an image, you’ll get your image options!Just click and drag images onto the canvas! Nice!

Full specs of version 6.8

– Code enhancements. The majority of this update has to do with the inner workings of the software. You won’t see the changes, but you’ll most likely feel them.
– Changed File menu: “Save as PNG” for image/swf changed to to “Export to PNG”. Same for other export formats: Transparent PNG, JPG, SWF.
– When exporting image/swf files, you no longer have to add the extensions (jpg, png, swf).
– “Save as…” graphics options changed to “Export”
– Put new “generic” logo in upper left of screen to make way for the “Creator” concept (slowly moving away from “Logo Creator idea” … we all know The Logo Creator creates far more than just logos!

– File Open now works for templates saved to external location.
– Fixed undo/redo for images and text.
– SWF export now works in OSX Mavericks (Mac 10.9).
– SWF export now supports transparency if canvas background is white.
– Enter / Return key now works in the New Template dialog. No need to click OK.
– Shapes.db no longer crashes (if you still have the Shapes Bug, see here for a solution)
– Grid is now off by default when launching TLC for the first time

New Features
– Autosave: All templates are now automatically saved to the user’s custom folder.
Explicit saving is no longer required.
– “Content Store” link is displayed.
– eCover creation code implemented (not activated yet! Be patient my friend 😉 )
– Software Auto Updates: Server-based auto-update integrated into TLC.
– Preview version re-activated (this code helped to create the trial version)

System requirements
You need at least Windows Vista
Language : English

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Download laughingbird the logo creator 6.8 For Mac From Here

Laughingbird The Logo Creator 6.8 + Bonus Character Pack