Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Full Version is a combination of all advanced and super charged applications and tools that can help its users to boost up the process of conversion of imagination of a developer into the real things that can be seen. The basic purpose of development of Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition was to lighten up all those development processes and projects that were time consuming and were requiring a greater amount of work and time. So this advanced and fully featured tool is the only one that can minimize these both things for you. With this utility in your hands, you are all set to generate and make your imaginations and visions come true in no time and work.

Some of many projects that are supported by this software are targeting the Web (including ASP.NET AJAX), Microsoft windows server 2008 and The 2007 Microsoft Office system plus some SQL Server 2008 projects and Windows Mobile devices development projects. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition fulfills your all rapidly increasing platform number requirements with its totally advanced and optimized for work set of hundreds of tools available to make your work rapid and more appreciable.

Important Features of Visual Studio 2008:
Some of the hundreds of fully optimized features of microsoft visual studio 2008 professional edition are listed below.

High Performance application delivery:
You are just required to connect to the data you require. All this process goes on and never depends on  its location etc. Use Language Integrated Query (LINQ) for the purpose of building highly demanded connection based data or applications.

Awesome client applications development:
Now develop the applications of a standard and well rank that are just awesome for both developers and users and they just show the work and magic of the professional 2007 Microsoft Office system and Windows Vista.

Powerful Web apps building:
Building of all new applications enriched with features and tools that are known to be the interactive using advancements of ASP.NET and AJAX interactive Web interfaces.

Minimum System Requirements:
A PC with an OS installed with minimum 1.6 GHz processor speed.
Can be installed on following operating systems:
Microsoft windows Vista (Both 32bit and 64bit).
Microsoft windows XP SP2 or Later (Both 32bit and 64bit).
Microsoft windows Server 2003 SP1 or later (Both 32bit and 64 bit).
Microsoft windows Server 2003 R2 (32bit and 64bit).
Minimum 384 MB of available RAM or more depending on OS. (768 MB plus RAM MS windows Vista is required).
Minimum 2.20 GB of available disk space on hard drive.
Minimum 5400 RPM of hard drive required.
Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution or higher.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Full Version plus Product keys incl Free Download from links given below.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Pro Full Version with Product Keys Download

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