pdfFactory Pro 5.25 (Server & Workstation) Full & Final (LATEST)

By | March 7, 2015

pdfFactory Pro 5.25 (Workstation+Server) + Key Crack Patch

pdfFactory Pro is handy app and a virtual printer driver that creates documents in PDF. Supports the creation of PDF-projects of several documents or files, has a preview mode. Possible ban on editing a document, its encryption and set a password for opening. In the professional version, unlike the standard, it is possible to add page numbers, headers and footers, watermarks, create bookmarks and some other additions. The third version adds the function of preserving the format of FP, the ability to customize the user interface, the graphics settings for color and monochrome files in scanned documents.

pdfFactory Pro 5.25 (Workstation+Server) + Key Crack Patch 1pdfFactory Pro 5.25 (Server & Workstation) Full & Final (LATEST) Installing the software is simple and does not cause any difficulties. After installation, your system appears a new printer named FinePrint pdfFactory. By default it is set to format A4. If you want to change something in the settings, you need to go to the printer properties through the Start> Settings> Printers> FinePrint pdfFactory. Here you can change the paper size, its orientation, as well as set the metric printing. Under seal understood PDF-file – is there prints program, rather than on paper. Padding around the edges of the sheet or print resolution can be set manually, and can be emulated from any other installed on your system printer. Here in the option “Show dialog” you can specify whether the output at the time of printing special dialogue editing printed sheets or do without the dialogue or some of its features.

One option provides a preview of the press, another – to send the resulting file by e-mail, for example, your boss. In addition, in the option “Downsample bitmaps to” you can control the quality of “printed” image, so as not to inflate the size of the final file in vain. The greater the DPI in this option, the higher the file size. Well, the Advanced button allows you to specify a list of fonts, implemented in all printing. With FinePrint pdfFactory you can print from any Windows, supports printing mode. To do this, just choose File> Print (or File> Print in English-language versions of the programs) and listed as a printer FinePrint pdfFactory. As soon as the printing process, all output to the printer information will actually be sent in PDF-file, located in the folder “My Documents / PDF files”. Program without the complexities allow to convert to PDF anything.

pdfFactory Pro 5.25 (Server & Workstation) Full & Final (LATEST) Program features:
• Creating PDF-documents
• Combination of several documents into one PDF file
• Preview
• Protect your PDF, by setting a password, encryption, etc.
• Save the font to create PDF-documents
• Include or exclude pages
• Send e-mail
• Auto-save
• Creation of direct Internet links in the document
• Ease of Deployment Server
• Adding items to the document: page numbers, watermarks, headers, etc.
• Create bookmarks and table of contents in PDF-document