Windows 8.1 All in One (10 Editions) Download + Activator Direct Links

By | April 29, 2014

Windows 8.1 All in One (10 Editions) Download + Activator Direct Links

Windows 8.1 All in One (7 Editions)

Windows 8.1 , the first major update to Windows 8 and RT, was officially announced by Microsoft on May 14, 2013. Following a presentation devoted to the update at Build Conference 2013, a public beta version of the update was released on June 26, 2013.Windows 8.1 was released to OEM hardware partners on August 27, 2013, and released publicly as a free download through Windows Store on October 17, 2013. Volume license customers and subscribers to MSDN Plus and TechNet Plus were initially unable to obtain the RTM version upon its release; a spokesperson stated that the change in policy was to allow Microsoft to work with OEMs “to ensure a quality experience at general availability.” However, after criticism, Microsoft reversed its decision and released the RTM build on MSDN and TechNet on September 9, 2013.


murphy78 presents Windows 8.1 AIO x86 en-US ESD Baseline

No Windows 8 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.

No Programs are added to Windows.

No Registry Settings were modified.

No Unattended Settings were added to the ISO.


32-bit RTM Sources:








These RTM Sources are the final Build 9600

Installation Indexes:

Windows 8.1 (Core) x86

Windows 8.1 (Core) N x86

Windows 8.1 (Core) Single Language x86

Windows 8.1 Pro x86

Windows 8.1 All in One (10 Editions) Download + Activator Direct Links

Windows 8.1 Pro N x86

Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center x86

Windows 8.1 Pro VL x86

Windows 8.1 Pro N VL x86

Windows 8.1 Enterprise x86

Windows 8.1 Enterprise N x86


Release File: Win81AIO-x86-en-US-ESD-Baseline.iso

Size: 2.50GiB

SHA-1: 4A6E6E63B89B1B4025AF4FC5B9ABCC2752F7B9C3


Language: en-US (English – United States)


Tools used:

imagex for /flags “ProfessionalWMC” setting and index renames

dism for set-edition for ProWMC, KB integration, install.esd exports

oscdimg for ISO mastering



-Smaller footprint using install.esd recovery compression.

-UEFI boot data added to ISO. You can boot BIOS mode as well.

Windows 8.1 All in One (10 Editions) Download + Activator Direct Links



These are Un-modified Indexes with no extra files, settings or integration.

ProfessionalWMC index is not available typically and is created using

dism commands and imagex settings, but it is otherwise unmodified.


-This baseline ESD version will likely be the main release path for patches

I create each month. If ESD versions behave erratically in the future, I may

switch to using WIM versions. I have released baseline versions for both ESD

and WIM versions.


-I recommend printing out the win81-pkeys.txt for installs. You can access

the one I put on the disk using shift-f10 during setup, navigating to the dvd

or USB Flash drive, and running “type win81-pkeys.txt” Then simply tab between

the command prompt and the key entry window.

Windows 8.1 All in One (7 Editions) For 32 Bit Download From Here:-

32-bit (2.79 GB)
Part 1 : Download
Part 2 : Download
Part 3 : Download
Part 4 : Download

Windows 8.1 All in One (7 Editions) For 64 Bit Download From Here:-

64-bit (3.55 GB)

Part 1 : Download
Part 2 : Download
Part 3 : Download
Part 4 : Download
Part 5 : Download

General Keys

Core:  334NH-RXG76-64THK-C7CKG-D3VPT





More Keys…









Torrents Windows 8.1 All in One (10 Editions):-    Download 32 bit  ||  Download 64 bit

Windows 8.1 All in One (10 Editions) Download + Activator Direct Links